Distinctives of Christ Bible Church

  • Expository Preaching - the careful explanation of the one meaning in the text and its relevance for believers today.
  • Biblical shepherding - caring for the spiritual and physical needs of the members for the purpose of their maturity in Christ.
  • Church of Jesus Christ - spiritual organism of God's design and intention to both glorify Him and save spiritually lost souls.
  • Church Discipline - to ensure the purity of the church and for the purpose of restoration.
  • Participation in the two New Testament Ordinances - baptism and communion as acts of obedience and remembrance.
  • Elder Form of Church Government - biblically qualified men entrusted with the care of those in the local church.
  • Biblical Giving - founded upon four biblical principles: it should be private; it should be voluntary; it should be sacrificial; and it should be generous.