Home Bible Studies


Have you ever heard someone respond to this question, "How are you doing?" Usually the response is "fine," "good," or "not bad." There are times when life really isn't "fine" and occasionally we can detect something is a bit "off center." Life gets busy and the church body is stressed from the pressures of schedules, i.e., life.

Relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ have become a premium in our day. To help facilitate a healthy and growing relationship with Christ, and one another, there are Home Bible Studies. These studies are small groups of believers meeting in homes and at CBC weekly or biweekly for Bible study, prayer and fellowship. They are wonderful opportunities to study God's Word and participate in biblical fellowship. We know life is busy but we also know God's Word through God's people provides stability and refreshment.

The schedule of Home Bible studies is available on the calendars or call the church office at 724.776.2780 with any questions you may have or to discover which group would be best for you.